Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hippodrama and Dramaturgy in Perfect Harmony

At the beginning of the 2010/2011 school year I was a sophomore in DePaul University's Dramatrugy Program.  One day, during my dramaturgy class, our teacher Dr. Rachel Shteir asked us if we knew of any scenarios of dramaturgical type roles in other areas of life. Mine was as follows:

When you are showing a horse, you are concerned with three roles. You have the judge who is called in to critique and rate your performance, you have the rider who works with the horse and trains it to go through the proper commands and who directs the action of the horse, and then you have the horse itself who serves as the primary area of focus in the ring and who is asked to put on a live flawless performance. 

So if we applied this to the theatrical realm the assignment of roles is quite simple. The judge serves as the dramaturg and the critic who is looking for flaws that inhibit a performance, but many aren't just serving as a bad guy so they are also looking for ways a performance can be improved. The rider serves as a director who rehearses with their horse attempting to establish a impeccable performance. And finally the horse is the actor himself who is asked to perform a pre-established pattern or transitions. 

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